About Me

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HI, I’m Darek based in London (Wimbledon). My journey through the world of  energy vibrations is an ongoing lesson on how to live in the heart and  how to embody the  seven virtues of enlightenment: LOVE, WISDOM, TRUTH, COMPASSION, HUMILITY, PEACE and UNITY.

I have been drawn into various aspects of healing for many years. First I started to learn about taking control over my constantly busy mind through non-identification with my ego and meditations. Then, the energetic world of herbs opened up to me and helped me to detox my body. In the meantime, Energy Medicine made me realise the importance of balanced energy flow through our bodies. Recently, the healing vibration of Reiki knocked at my door and took me to the higher frequencies of vibrations and made me ready to share them with you.

This is not the end of my journey…..the next stop will be the healing vibration of crystals.