Mother Nature Loves Reiki

A few weeks ago when I was on holidays in Corsica walking up in the mountains with my 10 years old nephew we spotted a young mountain goat by itself. Normally the goats are keeping together so I wondered why this one is alone. We came closer to the lonely goat with intention to take a pic. Then I noticed the goat was limping on one leg. My nephew said " Uncle Darek maybe give the goat Reiki, we definitely can spare 10 min for it". I didn't think much and decided to approach the goat with activated Reiki from my hand. The goat was very calm and after maybe 2min lied down allowing me to come extremely close. I gave it Reiki for about 10min after which the goat touched my hand with its cold nose (I took it as a form of saying "thank you") stood up and walked away. This beautiful experience is another example (to my story with the bee) showing how Mother Nature loves Reiki and more importantly how we should support each other.

Dariusz Szul