Reiki Picnic with Mother Nature

Just wanted to share with you my experience of the very first Reiki Picnic with Mother Nature - which turned out to be unforgettable. A week ago I posted the idea to my Reiki Academy FB Group. For the whole week I was thinking how many people will join me and there were moments when I was a bit concerned but the worries where only in my head as my heart stayed calm and happy. I prepared home made hummus, cut some carrots, celery and bread, took some fruits, and my new companions - Rose Quartz and Amethyst - to calm my mind and sooth my heart. The weather was great so I left with a smile on my face and reached the gate of Isabella Plantation (Richmond Park) by 10:15. There was nobody from Reiki Academy so I waited for about 10min and still by myself. I felt a little bit sad but as I always say - everything happens for a reason! So it did this time as well. After a few minutes I found this beautiful spot hidden behind a magnificent White Cherry Blossom tree. I sat down, unpacked my breakfast and quickly indulged myself surrounded by the voices of Mother Nature. After my stomach was satisfied I closed my eyes and went into a deep Mer-Ka-Ba meditation state - holding Rose Quartz in my left hand and Amethyst in my right hand. This took me on an amazing journey through a world of green and purple blotches as if I was sitting on a butterfly's flapping wings. I don't know how long was that but the concept of time was gone. When I opened my eyes I noticed a bee struggling with a sticky leaf. Poor little being was covered in this viscous substance and could not neither fly nor walk properly. I took the leaf with the bee and placed it on my knee. Didn't think long I knew that the little being needed my help so I tried to take off the stickiness from bee's legs and wings using a damp little stick. The bee looked so poorly that I decided to give it some Reiki for about 10min. Eventually my little friend started to walk and didn't want to leave me for another 30min. Just sat down on my hand then on my leg and I think took a nap. At this moment I felt oneness with Mother Nature. Shivers were coming through my body and tears of happiness tried to break through my eyes. I was thrilled seeing my little bee friend flying away. I will never forget my first Reiki Picnic with Mother Nature!

Dariusz Szul